the real love course

with terri cole

Do you think that REAL long lasting love is only for the lucky ones?

Are you frustrated by the ease others seem to have when it comes to putting themselves out there with confidence and self-assuredness?

Do you crave a deep and meaningful connection with yourself and a partner you love and trust?

Whether you are single or already in a relationship this course will help you open up to the possibility of truer love than you have ever experienced before.

You will learn how to remove any blocks from the past that are keeping you from experiencing deep, longlasting, healthy love.

In just five weeks I will give you all the tools you need to help expand your ability to live in a way that you never thought possible—to draw true love into your life.

If you are partnered you will learn how to deepen the love and connection to your significant other.

You’ll learn how to speak your truth and create the relationship of your dreams, plus how to treat yourself in a way that you want others to treat you; the foundation for all happy and healthy relationships.

Enrollment for the Real Love Course is currently closed.
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“Terri helped me create a new, much more positive thought pattern of possibility around love. And it was really sanity-saving. Really, I’m so grateful. I still use this method when I have any future-focused negativity come up.”

- Danielle LaPorte

Desire Map author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and blogger

“Thank you Terri for guiding me through some really challenging times.  I feel blessed to have new skills to deal with the obstacles that get in the way of me experiencing a whole hearted connection with my partner.  I have found that although we still experience challenges I am certain I can navigate these challenges consciously. It is great to feel that we are actually getting closer and more intimate because of the challenges and being able to handle them with respect and love for each other. You are a true gift. x”

- Patricia Moreno

SatiLife, Creator & Founder

what to expect from

the real love course

Learn what your Downloaded Love Blueprint contains

Learn how your childhood experiences impact the way you feel about yourself, worthiness and love

Deep dive into your past to uncover where you may have developed love blocks long ago

Unpack all past romantic relationships to discover any unresolved material

Identify habitual dysfunctional love patterns

Recognize your hidden resistance so you can avoid self sabotaging behaviors

Re-design your Downloaded Love Blueprint to be aligned with how you want to feel & what you want to create in your life

Learn to Flip the Script on negative self talk (and thoughts!) in a way that resonates with you naturally to create your desired outcome

Understand your Downloaded Boundary Blueprint

Learn to Lovingly Draw Effective Boundaries

Create Custom Boundary Cheat Sheet (So you WILL
have the words)

Learn the power of REAL Self Love by Dating YOU

Discover the power of guided visualization and continued med itation to keep your love light bright!

Look to Love Mentors for secrets to success

“When I need lightning-fast, spot-on guidance about relationships, I turn to Terri Cole. A true master of human development, Terri cuts right to the issue and gives judgment-free, practical advice I can use immediately. Terri’s generosity and listening skills are unparalleled—AND she has the most soothing voice! Because she is a trained therapist and coach who is steeped in the wellness movement, she brings the best of all worlds to her craft.”

- Ophira Edut

The AstroTwins


the real love course



A Video (with written and audio transcript) – Where you will learn all you need to know in order to open your heart and mind to new possibilities in love

Guided Visualization

Each week you will receive a new guided visualization with affirmation to keep you on course and inspired.


Homework (in the form of pdfs) – To help you gain clarity around your blocks to love, and to help you create new blueprints that will change your relationships forever.

Group Coaching Call

Each week you will have a LIVE 60 minute group coaching call (9pm EST) where I will provide guidance and laser coaching to ensure that you are staying on track, moving forward and applying what you are learning! In addition you can email questions in beforehand and we provide the call recording the following day, in case you missed it!


To sweeten the pot even more, I’m including some incredible free digital bonuses from my
Real Love Expert Posse:

Ashley Turner

Marriage Counselor/Author/Yogi

Kris Carr

Crazy Author/Speaker/Wellness Warrior

Patricia Moreno

Author/Speaker/Intensati Creator

Danielle LaPorte


Gabrielle Bernstein

Author/Speaker/Spirit Junkie

The Astro Twins

Astrologers to the Stars

Jessica Ortner

Author/Co-creator of the Tapping Solution

Lara Riggio

Owner of the Lara Touch/Energy Medicine Expert

Christine Gutierrez

Fierce Love Fierce Life founder/Psychotherapist

Esther Perel

Psychotherapist/Author/Speaker/Thought Leader

Natalie Bethold

Family Constellation Therapist

Andrea Owen

Women's Courage Coach & Leadership Mentor

Dr. Debra Kern

Health Scientist/Speaker/Teacher

Alexandra Jamieson

Holistic Health Counselor/Author/Speaker

Christine Hassler


Dr. Aviva Romm

Integrative MD/Herbalist/


Internationally renowned Author/Speaker/
Mediation Teacher

Tricia Huffman

Your Joyologist Coach/Cheerleader

Elena Brower


Josh Becker

Speaker/Author/Host of "I Simply Am" Podcast

Kyle Gray

Yogi/Spiritual Coach

Patty Powers

Recovery Coach/Writer

Money-Back Guarantee

If you do the work, show me your results, and you’re still not satisfied, I’ll gladly give you a refund within the first 30 days.

“At the lowest point in my life, Terri's relationship work helped me understand why I had stayed in an unhappy marriage for so long and gave me the tools and courage to make a hard choice. I was 35, single and terrified my dream of having my own family would never come true. Terri helped me stay the course of truly loving myself for the first time in my life and then the transformation happened very quickly! IN LESS THAN 3 YEARS...,I am happily married with two beautiful sons, living my dream life. If I can do it, with Terri's help so can you!”

- Meredith Patterson,

Broadway, TV & Film Actress

Enrollment for the Real Love Course is currently closed.
Please sign up below to be notified when we re-open the doors in 2016.